Technical report 2010 - 2019

The workforce in the Netherlands is ageing, and a shortage of workers is expected in upcoming years because fewer young people enter the labour market and a large number of baby
boomers will retire (1). The rising ratio of retired elderly to the active working population puts pressure on public finances, and causes tension in the solidarity between generations (2).

In order to maintain the social welfare state and meet the demands of the global economy, all labour supply needs to be used, work productivity should be maintained at a high level, and sustainable employability should be promoted.

Although an increasing number of studies address sustainable employability in an ageing society, there are several gaps in our knowledge which are primarily due to a lack of longitudinal studies in which a broad set of potential determinants are examined (3). The Study on Transitions in Employment, Ability and Motivation (STREAM) was designed to contribute
to filling these gaps, and to provide better insight into the factors that influence transitions in employment and productivity among older workers.


This technical report describes the objective, research framework, strengths and limitations, study population, questionnaires, topics, and results of STREAM.

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