Netherlands Employers Work Survey

The NEWS (Netherlands Employers Work Survey; WEA in Dutch) provides insight into the world of labor within companies and organizations in the Netherlands, from the perspective of the employers. It surveys the ’employer choices and behavior’. The goal of the NEWS is to monitor trends and development in policy and to evaluate the effect of said policy on company results and work related absence.


But NEWS also:

functions as a source for developing and expanding knowledge, for both policy as well as scientific purposes
collects data periodically on labor-policy from a representative sample of organizations and institutions in the Netherlands
adds value to the Dutch working society by providing relevant information to governments, social partners, and other stakeholders

The data

All the data collected by the NEWS can be found in the NEWS Benchmarktool (in Dutch). This tool allows users to freely look up and compare data. Pick a subject from the menu and look at the data yourself!

You can take a look at the NEWS data (in Dutch) below.

  • NEWS Data

The Questionnaire

The NEWS questionnaire includes the following themes:

  • Organizational characteristics
  • Working conditions
  • Employer-employee relationships, hierarchical information
  • Social security
  • Company policy
  • Employee information
  • Employee subgroup characteristics
  • Company results (fiscal, productivity, etc.)
  • Absence

Data Collection

The target group of the NEWS consists of all Dutch-based organizations and companies, both profit and non-profit that have at least two people. This means that independent contractors or freelancers are excluded. On average, the NEWS approaches 24.000 offices of which roughly 5.000 respond. The survey is normally completed by managing directors (in small or medium-sized companies) or HR managers (in medium or large-sized companies).

TNO creates a representative sample by weighing the collected data for the Dutch population. This method creates the opportunity to make valid assumptions for all Dutch-based offices.

TNO conducts in-depth-analyses on the NEWS data. This results in reports, publications and (chapters in) books. These can be found on the Dutch website.

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