Working longer in good health

To counter the effects of an aging working population, it is essential that older employees participate in paid employment for a longer period of time. In STREAM, the Study on Transitions in Employment, Ability, and Motivation, we research under which conditions persons aged 45 and older are able to participate in paid employment productively and healthily. In STREAM, TNO collaborates with several (inter)national universities and research institutions.


Longitudinal research

STREAM is a longitudinal study among persons aged 45 and older. In 2010, more than 12,000 employees, 1,000 self-employed persons, and 2,000 unemployed persons participated in the first measurement. In 2015, 6,750 new participants were added to the cohort. More information on participants and response is available in the technical report (see downloads).


STREAM participants fill in an online questionnaire, at first annually, later biannually. The questionnaire contains questions on health, motivation, work, skills, social factors and financial situation.


STREAM adds to the knowledge on the conditions in which persons aged 45 and older are able to participate in paid employment  productively and healthily. Already many reports and papers are published based on analyses with STREAM data. The newsletters contain concise information on published studies (see downloads). The overview of publications (see downloads) contains the complete list of reports and papers based on STREAM.

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