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TNO uses the latest data collection and connects different sources of data to identify trends and research cause and effect relations within the job market. These findings are used by governments, social partners, branch organizations, social security institutions and companies to assist in the creation and evaluation of policy. 


Within the Monitoring Work program, we perform applied research and advice on the subject of labor, health, and employability of employees. Our team consists of professions from multiple disciplines: occupational and organizational psychology, health sciences, ergonomics, medicine, statistics, economics, business administration, and safety. 


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The Monitoring Work program fits perfectly within the innovating labor program of TNO. The Work & Employment innovation program brings technological and social innovation together. In our project, we connect the latest technology with people and organizations. Our drive is to create ‘technological innovation that works’ meaning that the behavioral aspect of innovation is at least as important as the technical. The research and advice at TNO focusses on employers and employees, their labor situation, their involvement and how their work is organized.

Innovation labor concentrates on three subjects


1. Innovating occupational health and safety

Aims to prevent and decrease work-related disease and absence while improving occupational health and safety. We strive to create cost-effective interventions. Research also commits to the early identification, evaluation, and control of new and unknown risks of technological development.


2. Sustainable employability

Strives to develop and improve the sustainable employability of the workforce. We do this by improving vitality, qualifications, mobility and work environment.


3. Productivity and innovation

Our main goals are to create an environment in which Dutch companies can innovate and increase productivity. Making better, more efficient use of human capital and social innovation is the driving principles to achieve these goals.


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