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The employment situation of the Dutch workforce is changing constantly. TNO investigates these changes and their impact on productivity, innovation, health and sustainable employment within the Programme 'Monitoring Work & Employment'. The programme is financially supported by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and relies on several data sources.

TNO - Prevention, Work & Health

TNO - Work Health Technology - is a national center of knowledge on working life issues in the Netherlands. It is the largest independent research and consultancy organization in the Netherlands, receiving structural, however partial, funding from the Dutch Government for innovative research and developments. In consultation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, TNO - Work Health Technology - seeks to develop new approaches to improve the quality of working life in a healthy, sustainable and productive organization. It supports the Dutch government as well as public organizations and the business community. Its major fields of research are the quality of work and health, social innovation and human capital, sustainable employment, and sustainable productivity. TNO - Work Health Technology - is a WHO Collaborating Center on Occupational Health, the Dutch representative in the Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health (PEROSH) and national correspondent for the European Working Conditions Observatory (EWCO; Eurofound), as well as member of the European Association of National productivity Centers (EANPC).


Surveys are the most important source for our data, statistics, and reports on the Dutch workforce. TNO collaborates with the CBS (Statistics Netherlands) and other research institutions to ensure that our data is representative for the Dutch workforce. By now we have accumulated several large datasets (e.g. NEA, WEA, ZEA, STREAM, CODI), each looking at the Dutch labor market from a different perspective (e.g. employers, employees, self-employed persons). 


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Look into our virtual bookcase to find a number of publications and reports that are published in English


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