The world of work is changing! Technological changes, globalization, and robotization lead to intensification of work and flexibility in time and place. Investing in the sustainable employability of both the employed and unemployed is becoming increasingly relevant. Sustainable employability is the ability to work both healthily, vitally and productively until your retirement.

In CODI, our cohort study on sustainable employability (or Cohort Onderzoek Duurzame Inzetbaarheid in Dutch) we research which factors contribute to the sustainable employability of persons of all ages. 


In line with both the NEA and STREAM, the CODI questionnaire consists of questions about health and work. CODI differs from STREAM by targeting all age groups and from NEA by its longitudinal design and by including the unemployed and self-employed. Also, the questionnaire itself contains some items different than NEA and STREAM. The following themes are part of the CODI questionnaire:

  • Motivation
  • Resilience
  • Knowledge and Skills
  • Lifestyle
  • Social factors
  • Societal participation
  • Productivity
  • Workability


CODI is a longitudinal study in which the participants of NEA 2015 and ZEA 2015 were approached to participate. In 2016 and 2017, we asked 34.000 participants aged 15 to 75 to fill in an online questionnaire. Over both years, a total of 21.000 people responded. Weighting factors are included to enable the presentation of results that are representative for the Dutch population.


The first results are presented in the factsheet (see downloads).

Click here to download the CODI factsheet (in Dutch)




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