Cost of sickness absence due to chronic diseases in the Netherlands

The cost of sickness absence is high for employers, insurance companies and society, as well as for workers themselves. In times of crisis and resource  scarcity - both at company and governmental level - it becomes ever more  important to shed light on the diversity of methods and resulting cost outcomes.  This is exactly what this factsheet aims to provide. First, it gives a brief  overview of the most prominent methods for calculating sickness absence costs,  and discusses the most important differences between them. Second, it introduces  a new approach, linking the Netherlands Working Conditions Survey (NEA ; Koppes  et al., 2009) with personal income data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS ; van  den Brakel & Moonen, 2007). Overall, this factsheet strives to be a useful  overview for policy makers, (occupational) health professionals, and scientists  for modeling health impact assessments and developing interventions.



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