Overview of Dutch working conditions 2016

This document presents a summary of the findings presented by TNO in the Arbobalans 2016 (Overview of Dutch working conditions 2016). The summary is organised as follows: description of the Dutch working population, key figures on the quality of the work, sickness absence, accidents at work and occupational diseases, followed by a number of current themes, i.e. self-employed workers without employees, psychosocial working conditions, preventive policy and sustainable employability.




Overview of Dutch working conditions 2016


The knowledge presented in this summary can help policymakers in the public and private sectors develop policies for a healthy and vigorous working population. 


In this summary, we first present the most important conclusions from the four chapters. We then examine three specific themes that feature in various chapters. This concerns the positions of sole traders, the costs of work-related health problems, and the position of the Netherlands compared to Europe.



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